Creative Concept

Led by a team of professional architects and real estate elites. For more than 30 years. Innovate and create new real estate, new ideas, new designs and concepts. Create and share new ideas and new brands for all investment participants. Earn the greatest return and highest value together!

Land Development Investment Program

Provide a Comprehensive Solution

Integrate landlords, building development/contractors, and real buyers, formulate a complete win-win joint plan and jointly develop private housing, office buildings, industrial broadcasting, housing, etc. Let the tripartite assets multiply, get what they need, and create high efficiency at low cost!

Professional guidance for foreign investors

It includes one-stop solution of fund transfer (Malaysia land investment), real estate development, factory setup and technology transfer, lease of land/factory, joint-venture with local government or private partnership. We assist foreigners with their applications for the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme. Click here to know why you must invest in Malaysia.

Property Development Consultant Group

The Tips Property is a real estate company led by well-organized and experienced architects and real estate elites. We are committed to providing you with a one-stop real estate development investment plan. The team has been continuously building for more than 30 years, from the feasibility study report and spin-off of land engineering development, project development and design planning, engineering construction management to market distribution services. If you wish to reduce risks and increase profits at the same time, invest in stable real estate in Malaysia will be one of the best choices. Put your investment in Malaysia now, we will make sure your investment is safe and value-added to your wealth.

Wee Kiat

Property Consultant

Kang Leng


CJ Tan

Principal Building Designer

Guang Ruey


Albert Lim

Financial Advisor


Strategy Advisor

Eric Tan

IPO Advisor

Aaron Tey

Structural Specialist

Dr Lee Yee Loon

Concrete Specialist

Prof Rev Dr B L Ho

Education, Environment, Landscape & Health Management Consultant

Lee Boon Pin


Complete Project

Over the past three decades, we have completed countless successful projects and projects, including administrative buildings, hotels, bungalows, industrial cities, etc.

Target Market

Suspended Property / Land

The owner who owns some hard-to-grow land and old buildings and cannot effectively increase its market value.

Property Contra

Wish to exchange land and real estate you own and choose a location that better suits you.

Land Status Search & Conversion

Learn more about your land status and choose land status conversion and modification.

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