① Land Search

We will search the ideal and strategic location/land/property based on your needs for FREE. Those land will be converted into industrial/commercial status with the help of our excellent team.

② Site Planning and Design

We look at the implementation of the design in terms of construction. Multi-disciplinary problem-solving operation will be carried out based on the selected land/property.

③ Building Site Approval

We will help you to deal with local authority in site development application, company formation, trade licensing, taxation, custom, visa/immigration, MIDA/ MITI/ KDN matter & etc.

④ Construction

We create buildings and spaces that are poised between background and foreground, where the presence of architecture is in a constant balance with the forces of life. We work closely with clients to design lasting.

⑤ Interior Design & Renovation

We offer one stop renovation services that incorporate the interior design and consultancy. We possess a trait of meticulousness in making good use of building and interior designs. This ranges from preliminary design all the way to the successful completion of a project or a contract.

⑥ Sales & Marketing

For investment purpose, you could gain relatively profit from your land/property investment in Malaysia. We strive to provide the highest level of professional services to you to assist you in finding a suitable client to buy your property.

MM2H Application
  • Free consultation on all immigration services including MM2H program
  • Preparation of documents
  • Review and submit the MM2H application
  • Updates on the MM2H approval

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